Thursday, October 11, 2007

Faust Arp.

One two three four

Wakey wakey
rise and shine
it's on again, off again, on again
watch me fall
like dominos
in pretty patterns
Fingers in the blackbird pie
im tingling tingling tingling
it's what you feel now
what you ought to, what you ought to
reasonable and sensible
dead from the neck up
because im stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
we thought you had it in you
but no, no, no
for no real reason

Squeeze the tubes and empty bottles
take a bow take a bow take a bow

it's what you feel now
what you ought to
what you ought to
an elephant thats in the room is
tumbling tumbling tumbling
in duplicate and duplicate
plastic bags and
duplicate and triplicate
dead from the neck up
guess im stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
we thought you had it in you
but no, no, no
exactly where do you get off
Is enough is enough is enough
I love you but enough is enough, enough
a last stop
There's no real reason

you'll go to hell for our fathers

you got melted to butter

you know what? Normally I'm against any sort of lyric posting for fear that it's to personal or even But these lyrics seemed to ring deep. They are lyrics from a song called Faust Arp off of Radiohead's new album which is UNBELIEVEABLE.In reference to the above lyrics and according to wikipedia, The name "Faust", which is German for 'fist' and Latin for lucky or auspicious, has come to stand for a charlatan alchemist (some claim "astrologer and necromancer") whose pride and vanity lead to his doom. Similarly, the adjective "faustian" has come to denote acts or constellations involving human hubris (exaggerated self pride or self-confidence [overbearing pride]) which lead eventually to doom.

I needed something new from Radiohead, I really did.

So far the songs that have REALLY stricken a cord in me, besides Faust Arp, are as follows:

NUDE - Radiohead
WEIRD FISHES - Radiohead
ALL I NEED - Radiohead


NavR said...

I googled faust arp's lyrics and I found this site- I figured I should comment as a fellow radiohead fan! They're definitely my favorite band, and "All I Need" is an amazing song.

Elyse Connery said...

I know, right? :)

mr said...

i just check my iTunes on the number of times i played "Nude"/"Big Ideas" by radiohead:


i need help. it's all because i couldn't sleep one night, and end up directing a music video for it in my head. it's good. so proud. too bad you can't make coin with things in your head.

one of the birds.. said...

"all i need" is my current new favorite song.

see me next week for a new one...